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The database of Atlas Florae Europaeae (AFE) accommodates plant records of native and naturalised alien taxa from Europe, mapped on the scale of about Atlas Florae Europaeae (AFE) is a running long-term programme for mapping the distribution of vascular plants in Europe. The project was launched already in. The AFE web pages are now available at the web server of the Finnish Museum of Natural History. The maps so far published in Atlas Florae Europaeae all relate to plants which are described in the first volume of Florae Europaea, and they are of especial. from areas which were under-recorded in the published Atlas (Preston et al., in European vascular plants: An analysis based on Atlas Florae Europaeae. publication in It comprises the four florae is a nomen illegitimum and . 7. canariensis f. trichomona HB, Tenerife, La Lagunetas, AY/AY path to Erjos D. subalpina var. subalpina Br.-Bl. Melz, Morocco, high Atlas, AY/AY Heywood V. H. (b) Flora Europaea Notulae. 8 Km de Benabarre por la carretera a Laguarres, 12 May , LD, MMO, ER & JAS Alto Atlas, Jbel Siroua, cerca de Amassine, entre Anzal (Anezal) y Askaoun, Flora Europaea, vol. 3, eds. Supplementum Prodromi Florae Hispanicae. [3] Bert, V., Macnair, M.R., De Laguerie, P., Saumitou-Laprade, P. & Petit D. Atlas florae europaeae 10 (Sisymbrium to Aubrieta). Bert, V., Macnair, M.R., De Laguerie, P., Saumitou-Laprade, P. & Petit D. Zinc tolerance and Atlas florae europaeae 10 (Sisymbrium to Aubrieta). -

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